Continuous testing support for software products of airline company

The a1qa specialists have been assuring high quality of web and mobile applications for the client since 2014.
Functional testing
Localization testing
Mobile app testing
Regression testing
Usability testing
Web app testing


The client is an airline company offering booking, check-in, travel guides, bonus programs, and many other services through web and mobile applications.

The company is continuously growing and enhancing the software to comply with market requirements and enlarge the list of provided services.

Willing to deliver the top-notch software products and smoothly introduce updates to the applications, the client pitched on a1qa to assure the quality of all upcoming solutions.

Services offered

Functional testing
GUI testing
Compatibility testing
Localization and internationalization testing
Mobile application testing
Web application testing
Regression testing
Defects validation

Project scope

Initially, a1qa was tasked to perform the testing of the client’s web portal and mobile applications. After the a1qa team showed their competence in the domain field and provided high-level results, the client entrusted the company with the quality assurance of all updates throughout the project be it a new feature of the application or the redesigning of the whole software product.

The process of testing included the following stages.

  • Requirements testing

Before developing any new feature, the a1qa engineers started with careful requirements testing to ensure there were no inconsistencies and avoid duplicated work.

  • Test documentation creation

After a thorough exploration of the new functionality, the a1qa team created test documentation to make sure every use case was tested properly.

  • Functional testing

Once the new feature was developed, the a1qa specialists performed rigorous manual testing based on test documentation to verify the software was working as per requirements and without any single defect.

  • Cross-browser testing

The client wanted to ascertain any user could utilize the software smoothly on any browser. To assure that, the a1qa team conducted cross-browser testing on the most popular browsers and their versions (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, Firefox, Yandex Browser, Safari for iPhone, Chrome for Android).

  • Localization testing

The solutions were intended to be used by people all over the world. It was vital to make sure both web portal and mobile applications are customized as per the targeted languages and countries. The a1qa engineers carried out localization testing of the software and its new features for 8 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese).

  • Product quality reports

The a1qa professionals aimed to provide clear visibility of the product quality. They prepared quality reports highlighting all bottlenecks of the software and critical issues to be fixed. It helped the project team to prioritize the tasks, meet the release deadlines, and guarantee that no critical bugs will survive late into the lifecycle.

Throughout the project, regression testing was performed to keep up the high-level quality of the software products and prevent defects leakage to production.

This approach allowed the client to carry out hassle-free releases, save time as the development has been always starting with clear requirements, and have a transparent understanding of the products quality.

The cooperation with the client continues up to now. a1qa is responsible for the QA of the web, iOS, and Android applications and their updates related to bonus programs, redesigning, and enlargement of the services provided to the users.

Technologies & tools

  • SoapUI
  • Sabre
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Yandex Browser


  • The a1qa team assured the quality of the products and updates in 8 browsers and 8 languages.
  • Client admitted that the overall quality of the products highly increased after cooperation with a1qa has started.
  • Continuous testing support and customizable QA approach allowed the client to perform hassle-free releases meeting time to market.

In numbers

years of project duration
QA engineers working on the project
compliance with deadline and budget

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