Functional and performance testing of integrated data tracking system


The system under test was aimed at tracking the activity of the e-commerce solution members on both the website and client's mobile applications. The solution contained offers of the most desired brands in women's and men's fashion, home, travel, kids, etc.

In terms of testing, it was represented by a set of databases with data collected and processed by special jobs. The data was stored in nonrelational database and was constantly exported to DWH (relational database) in the aggregated state.

a1qa was focused on testing the validity of the data that had been collected, processed, and stored in the system. The company checked that no information was lost, oversupplied or stored incorrectly.

In addition, a1qa tested the libraries that were integrated into the customer's website and collected information. The tracking system didn't have its proper UI.

  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Apache JMeter
  • Java
  • Python
  • Hadoop
  • Oracle Database
  • GitHub
  • PuTTY

Not enough understanding of the data processing correctness:

  • Dedicated team performed functional testing and analyzed the process of the data collection and storage.

An absence of optimal testing approach to such a specific product:

  • Specialists created an appropriate methodology and elaborated an effective testing solution.
  • 6+
    months of project duration
  • 230
    test cases created and executed
  • 2
    QA engineers on the project
  • 35
    Major and Critical defects found
  • 28
    man-months of project efforts
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