Independent audit of the billing system performance testing


The customer’s business goal was to integrate the distributed telecom infrastructure into the unified billing solution. A new system should have withstood the load that was previously distributed among 25 subsystems.



To perform the task, a1qa assigned its leading performance testing engineer who had to review the testing process, detect the bottlenecks, check testing results for compliance with the customer’s KPIs, and suggest recommendations for improvement.

During the audit four major components that were vital for successful testing were reviewed:

  • Programming code
  • Test methodology
  • Test monitoring system
  • Test results.

After four months of audit and review, the a1qa specialist detected over 100 bottlenecks and offered recommendations for their elimination.

The efficiency of the proposed recommendations was also evaluated by the a1qa engineer after they were carried out.

Upon the project completion, the audit results were presented to the company’s Board of Directors.

The customer hugely appreciated the a1qa comprehensive and responsible approach and continued cooperation in other QA directions.

  • QA consulting
  • Software testing audit
  • Apache JMeter
  • Oracle Database
  • RabbitMQ

Restricted access to servers and information related to the testing process and billing system:

  • Prompt data access was ensured by the effective communication with 50+ employees on the customer’s side
  • Timely reaching out to the employees in charge via the most convenient means of communication, detailed discussion of all issues, and quick feedback guaranteed getting of the informative audit results within the established time limits.
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