Localization service, functional, and mobile testing of banking and finance website

The customer, a full-service provider of financial transactions, turned to a1qa to provide localization, functional, and mobile app testing of its website.
Financial services
Functional testing
Localization testing
Mobile app testing


The customer specializes in generating digital money. It offers cloud-based financial service whereby users can transfer deposits of digital money into reserve-backed currencies and commodities. The application provides a high level of security for confidential enterprise information and money transfer.

Services offered

Functional testing
Localization and internationalization testing
Mobile app testing

Project scope

The customer needed to translate the website and web application into one of the Indo-European languages. Besides, there was a need to pass user acceptance tests before the product went live.

a1qa team focused on localizing tasks and functional testing. When localizing the product, the Webtranslateit™ environment was used. When the defects were found, reported and fixed, QA engineers checked that all issues were fixed correctly.

Challenges and solutions

Tests required flexible approach:

  • Testing procedures were adjusted to the customer’s need.

It was necessary to work with the GitHub hosting service:

  • The a1qa team stored defects in GitHub.

Most of the requirements were not documented:

  • Functional and mobile testing was based on the company’s experience and the product itself.

There were many video files without translation on the website:

  • a1qa suggested to add other languages and translated subtitles for all video files.

Technologies & tools

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Android browser
  • Apple Safari
  • MS Internet Explorer
  • Web TranslateIt


In numbers

months of project duration
QA engineers and technical writers on the project
mobile devices tested
Major and Critical defects detected
test cases created and executed
strings of the web application translated

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