SAP Hybris eCommerce developer engaged a1qa to deliver quality to a global manufacturer of compact equipment

Explore software quality upgrade delivered to a well-known player producing construction equipment.
Functional testing
Regression testing
Web app testing


A well-balanced mutually beneficial partnership between a1qa and the front-runner in delivering both B2B and B2C projects on the SAP Hybris platform has been evolving for 2 years already. Therefore, when contacted by the end customer, a global eCommerce developer chose a1qa as the main and only asset in delivering quality assurance function by default.

The QA professionals were to assist in assuring the quality of a web solution offering the range of equipment for construction, agriculture, landscaping, mining, and related domains.

An end user can choose between multiple categories, select the desired model, and required attachments. After customizing an appropriate item, a request is submitted to a marketing department for clarifying purchase conditions (pricing, discounts, and many more).

Services offered

Functional testing
Web services testing
Regression Testing

Project scope

When the QA dedicated team joined the project, it smoothly integrated into the client’s infrastructure and processes based on Scrum methodology.

From the get-go, a1qa helped enhance solution quality through functional testing. Due to the continuous integration process, each new feature delivered to the QA environment was thoroughly checked, followed by ongoing regression testing to confirm faultless operation of the previously introduced refinement and defect validation to define the quality of the defect fixing. When deployed to a production environment, smoke tests were run to make sure no issues could spoil successful CX.

Afterward, the engineers proceeded with testing web services. In order to check Oracle REST API endpoints, the QA team created Postman collections (groups of requests) that later were shared with the client and executed them verifying that response status and returned data were correct.

Apart from testing itself, a1qa also initiated the following improvements related to shaping processes within a project:

  • Preventive quality enhancements were introduced, namely, requirements analysis or detailed elaboration of edge cases to eliminate further rework and ensure just-in-time delivery.
  • To improve overall process transparency, streamline and systematize testing results, a1qa established and configured strong reporting practice built upon collecting metrics for evaluating quality, the number of defects, etc. presented to the client after each sprint.
  • a1qa arranged and orchestrated a knowledge transfer process presented to the client to cover the creation of test cases, launching web services, and using the solution.

A high level of trust and confidence in a1qa is backed up with the client’s readiness to evolve partnership on the range of other joint projects.

Technologies & tools

  • Postman
  • Browser developer tools


  • Enhanced software quality through spotted major and critical drawbacks that could affect the proper operation of the tested solution.

In numbers

months of mutually beneficial partnership
QA associates assigned to elevate product quality
compliance with budget and timeline

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