The application under test gives users limitless possibilities for imagination and courage to check their friends. They can create disputes and choose any opponents. They can receive a bet and provide evidence of fulfilling its conditions. The player who loses a bet should pay a bid or accomplish a task defined beforehand.

As the customer didn't have in-house QA specialists, he asked a1qa to perform independent functional testing of the mobile application.

a1qa performed functional testing of a new mobile application to communicate with friends online. It was tested on two major mobile platforms and 11 devices.

The main need was to ensure the application quality before the beginning of an advertising campaign.


  • Functional testing
  • Mobile application testing
  • Android SDK
  • Android
  • Apple iOS
  • Xcode
  • iTools
  • 1,2
    man-months of project efforts
  • 8
    QA engineers on the project
  • 1
    month of project duration
  • 82
    Major and Critical defects found
  • 330
    test cases written and executed
  • 11
    mobile devices tested
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