a1qa at CES 2024

a1qa at CES 2024: advocating robust QA practices for technologies

QA solution advisor at a1qa visited CES 2024. Let’s explore the results!
15 January 2024

Liza Makarova, QA solution advisor at a1qa, attended CES 2024 from January 9-12 to underscore the critical role of quality assurance in the dynamic landscape of modern technology.

CES unites industry leaders and innovators who present their groundbreaking advancements in Web 3.0, AI, AR, VR, XR, 5G, digital health, smart cities, and robotics.

At the 2024 event, Liza networked with IT representatives to discuss quality-related challenges they faced when developing technologies as well as emphasized the importance of QA and explained how it can help:

  • Accelerate the release of top-quality software due to adopting test automation.
  • Improve ROI and reduce operational expenditure via identifying and rectifying defects at the early development stages and avoiding post-launch fixes.
  • Increase customer retention rates by providing exceptional end-user experiences.

Facing QA challenges? Contact a1qa’s experts and find out the ways to address them with confidence.

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