“Driving business success” series of interviews: Episode 4 with Preeti Puppala.

It’s time to watch Episode 4 with Preeti Puppala and get actionable insights on testing infrastructure and aspects of digital transformation.
28 November 2022

Next in line is Episode 4 of “Driving business success with software testing strategies,” our interview series with Preeti Puppala, Software quality engineering manager and solutions delivery lead at Clario!

Here’s a sample of what Preeti will talk about in this episode:

  • Optimizing testing infrastructure

Preeti notes that it is necessary to include testing in the early stages of development, as it helps reduce QA costs by identifying defects early and getting the highest quality software. Designing clear, precise test suites, opting for proper tools, and adopting best coding practices within test automation are also important components to optimize your infrastructure.

  • Testing at regular intervals

Preeti’s approach to SDLC testing also stresses the importance of regular peer reviews and inspections by QA pros — and the proper use of automation, such as automating functional testing. Best practices must be applied to unify the two for maximum benefit.

  • 3 aspects of digital transformation that QA professionals should fully embrace

For Preeti, these are agility, customer centricity, and actionable insights, key characteristics of successful, growth-oriented companies. In her mind, these aspects assist in adjusting to changing requirements and technology capabilities. And they are linked — maintaining a posture of flexibility and customer focus opens the door to actionable insights presenting themselves.

Check out Episode 4 and get more details on these topics! The two remaining episodes will soon be available on our YouTube channel.

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