High-quality integration of eSignature into the customizable ERP solution

The client reached out to a1qa to provide a smooth integration of eSignature into the customizable ERP solution.
Compatibility testing
Integration testing
IT and software development


The product is a unique cloud ERP software designed for SMBs located globally to assist them in managing business in the real-time mode.

The system perfectly fits multiple industries, from construction to eCommerce, and can be customized for different businesses using additional modules. Due to the platform mobility, its end users have the opportunity to access it anytime from any device.

The product possesses a built-in tool for managing documents that is integrated into the ERP software system. The necessity to introduce additional functionality – eSignature intended to simplify the legal way of getting consent on electronic documents – arose.

Services offered

Compatibility testing
Integration testing
Defect validation

Project scope

The eSignature solution was developed using two external e-sign systems. The users who’ve previously subscribed to one of them can transfer their accounts into the platform.

The eSignature can be applied to the documents generated by the ERP portal or uploaded to the document management module. Text, graphic, or tabular files can electronically be signed from different units of the software.

Due to multiple modules and external systems of the solution, it was important to integrate the ERP platform with such services smoothly and make sure each possible combination would work as expected.

Previous experience of cooperation with another QA vendor was not successful. Therefore, a1qa expertise was meticulously examined before giving an opportunity to prove its competence.

A dedicated QA engineer was assigned to assure the high quality of integration. The first exploratory testing of the functionality was conducted to identify possible bottlenecks of the software and prepare an integration testing plan.

Then, the process moved forward to examine the following areas of the software product:

  • Transferring of the e-sign systems’ accounts into the client’s platform
  • Configuration of the eSignature and the documentation management module
  • Adding new files to the system for further processing
  • Signing the documents and changing their statuses
  • Documents’ statuses mapping using MS SQL Server
  • Filtering/sorting of the documents in the grid
  • Synchronization of the documents’ statuses with external e-sign systems.

Each part of the functionality was thoroughly tested with every possible combination of user accounts in eSign and ERP systems, document types and statuses. Moreover, this testing was performed against various most popular browsers to make sure functionality worked smoothly for all end users.

The QA expert checked 18 builds of 1 system and 15 builds of another system to be integrated with the cloud ERP platform, documents management system, and 3 major modules where the document lifecycle could be operated.

Over 40% of all defects detected were of the critical severity and could significantly affect the proper functioning of the document management module in combination with the eSignature.

a1qa managed to gain loyalty, which further resulted in a long-lasting partnership. The eSignature solution was brought into the construction industry module. The quality of the integration was later assigned to a1qa.

The defects detected and fixed during the integration testing of the eSignature system ensured qualitative and effective embedding into the ERP solution, which contributed to strengthening the product.

Technologies & tools

  • Windows
  • MS SQL server


  • Detailed testing ensured defectless integration with eSignature services.
  • All critical and major issues were fixed, which streamlined subsequent integration processes.
  • The overall number of bugs identified was higher than expected.
  • The eSignature demo was included in proper conferences and webinars as an example of the successful product.

In numbers

months - average duration of testing activities for each external e-sign system
and 15 software builds of 2 external eSign systems tested
of all defects detected was of major and critical severity

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