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Upon the initial stages of the development process there raises a question: how to test? In fact, there are several options: you can test by yourself or turn to a software testing company.

Testing-as- a-service (TaaS) is an outsourcing model in which testing activities are associated with providing complex software testing services. TaaS is not only a unique system aimed at quality assurance control on every stage of the development process; TaaS service can be limited to only one testing  type.

Today performance, security tests are one of the most important testing types. Still, developers often lack knowledge or necessary resources to run full-scope testing.

Software testing isn`t the key activity for most of the development companies, which makes it beneficial for them to outsource software testing to some provider of testing services. Besides, it is often the only possible and successful way to control the software quality.


Testing-as-a-Service (TAAS) - A1QA Blog

Cooperating with the independent testing provider, allows concentrating on the main activities without wasting time for the supporting tasks like hardware, tools and environment installation. Along with that delegating software testing to a testing provider saves developers` hardware and energy costs. The approach mitigates financial risks (there are no delays) and controls the in-house team workload.

Another obvious advantage of TaaS is time-saving. It often happens that a development company and a testing company are located in different countries, thus the companies can benefit from time difference and pass the new builds faster.

Moreover, independent testing is the ideal way to get the unbiased assessment of software. Being independent, not prejudiced and time-saving TaaS is sure-fire way to control quality of your software.

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