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Building Engaging and Secure Mobile Applications

Do you feel comfortable with sharing your geo coordinates or payment details in your mobile app? Probably, not. Statistically, only 6% of respondents don’t hesitate while inputting their personal data into the application. 

Software Testing Needs More Automation. Part 2

Big Data is growing at a rapid pace: social networks, mobile devices, data from measuring devices, and business information are just sources capable of generating huge amounts of information. But Big Data is followed by "bad" data.

Mobile Testing Consultants – a Look from the Outside. Part 1

Launching a new application in the market is always a risky business. The app should respond to user needs, and be innovative and easy to use. Still, through the development and testing processes, engineers often tackle issues that are beyond their expertise. Seeking a beneficial solution, software development companies often decide to engage independent testing consultants on projects.