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Dmitry Tishchenko

Test automation process overview

Being a well-tailored process with defined stages, test automation helps increase testing speed and enhance test coverage as well as optimize overall QA costs in the long run.

Keyword-driven testing methodology. Part 3

With the KDT approach, it should first be confirmed that the test plan consists of actions suitable to KDT. Typically, such tests appear when the program under test provides the user with a common interface operating objects containing different structure or logic.

Keyword-driven testing methodology. Part 2

Let’s consider a very simple example to get a better idea of how KDT works. Imagine you have to test an application that adds two numbers. For the step of “defining business requirements and testing plan development,” you must determine what numbers can be put in and what interface elements might be used. Let it be positive integers. The app’s GUI has two text fields, a button and an inscription to show the result.

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