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Nadya Knysh

Mobile testing consultants – a look from the outside. Part 1

Launching a new application in the market is always a risky business. The app should respond to user needs, and be innovative and easy to use. Still, through the development and testing processes, engineers often tackle issues that are beyond their expertise. Seeking a beneficial solution, software development companies often decide to engage independent testing consultants on projects.

Homo tapiens: think like a criminal

When testing an app for purchasing medical services, I thought of my grandma. She is so nimble and able to do several things at a time, and she does them fast. She can text and bake an apple pie simultaneously, but that doesn’t always mean she’s giving each activity her full attention. Thinking of my grandma doing those things, I did the same with the app. Not paying attention to graphics, I quickly filled in graphs of the app I had to test. I did it roughly and inattentively. Doing it this way allowed me to discover a major bug; a paid medical app was allowing clients’ consultants free of charge.

Homo tapiens: a new generation of mobile users

We are witnessing the biggest technological turn in history where the very human is involved. Now, in a time when almost everyone has a smartphone, when all you need to reach anyone or find out anything is to tap your touch phone's screen, we can proclaim the birth of a new type of human - Homo Tapiens.

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